At DGI we love to hear what you think of us and our service. We pride ourselves on going that extra step to ensure we exceed your expectations.



“DGI have always helped us with the shipping of hazardous and some non-hazardous shipments. When DGI handled the Unilever samples on our behalf they went out of their way to make sure the shipments moved within the specified time frame. When there were local customs issues DGI constantly kept us informed and helped resolve the issues. This in turn helped keep our customer happy. I am always impressed with all the staff at DGI, always helpful and willing to go the extra mile. I would have no problems in recommending DGI’s service.”

PA Consulting Group, Cambridge Technology Centre.


“You were very helpful when answering my enquiries and organised the shipment for a direct drive from Reading to Kent with the minimum of hassle. You replied to my request very promptly with relevant information. I would recommend you to colleagues wishing to ship controlled or biological substances domestically and worldwide.”

PhD Student, The University of Reading, School of Pharmacy.


“I do not know how to say thank you enough Denise, following your truly stunning performance, in getting our short notice tools and HAZMAT to Cyprus in less than 24 hrs. From being phoned on Tues morning, arranging the pickup of the goods by lunch time, arranging packing, extending and meeting the airline deadline to 1600hrs and then arranging delivery in Cyprus within 24 hrs. A was truly outstanding service Denise. We are always impressed with your help, I think you excelled this time and I can confirm that RBL was able to repair 2 more blades as a result of your actions than originally planned. The customer was also very very impressed; normally relying on a 2 week courier service from order. As a consequence this large and important helicopter operator now has your details and I hope your company hears from them shortly. Thank you Denise – now we know your true capability, you have a lot to match next time.”




“I would like to thank you for the exceptional service you and the DGI Capetown staff provide to Schenker. You are always willing to assist and go the extra mile. Your efforts are much appreciated and highly valued.”

Schenker, Capetown, South Africa.


“I would just like to thank you for the excellent on going service that SAEL
receives from DGI. You are truly professional and your attention to detail is to be commended. In this age where customer service no longer seems a priority, I thought it
imperative that I thank you for your excellent work and service. ”

SAEL, Capetown.


“Just thought I should mail you to say thank you for your excellent service. The speedy manner at which you completed all jobs, the speedy response to my questions regarding DGR shipments and for holding on a little bit longer when we were running late for trucking. It is much appreciated and we look forward to working with you again very soon. Please pass on a BIG thank you to you and your team.”

UTI, Capetown.


“Yesterday, I was set to fly up to Johannesburg for the Lab Africa expo. With three eager postgraduate students from the University of the Western Cape ready to go, we arrived at Cape Town airport only to be told by the airline that we would not be allowed to take our exhibition equipment on board as it contained acetone, a flammable chemical. I rang DGI who collected the items from us, packed and labelled the entire consignment and shipped it to Johannesburg for us. I am now at the Lab Africa expo and our equipment arrived safely this morning around 10am, in time for us to set up for the 3 day exhibition. Joel called me this morning to make sure that everything had worked out. The contrast in customer service between the airline and DGI is remarkable. If only all people took as much care and initiative as Joel, the world would be a better place. Thanks DGI for your great service. I will be recommending you to anyone who needs to transport hazardous material.”

Senior Lecturer, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering



“Reckitt Benckiser recently needed to export some DG product samples from Malaysia to Japan. Due to the heavy DG regulations in Japan we instructed our Dangerous Goods supplier (Dangerous Goods International) to assist us. DGI liaised with their Japanese partners and organised all the necessary documentation which meant that we avoided any delays. The consignment was delivered on time. The service DGI offer is second to none in the Region.”

Reckitt Benckiser, Malaysia.



“When we need to get any DG goods into another country DGI are the people to ask, with their wealth of knowledge and understanding of the products and customs. Never have to worry about the samples being lost or damage, and if in doubt they are always on the other end of the phone or email.”

SGS Australia Pty Ltd.


“I would just like to say thank you very much to you and your team for your help with our shipment from The University of Bristol. Our samples arrived this morning safe and at exactly the temperature we requested. I could not be happier with the service that I have received throughout this process and have heard the same from our collaborators in Bristol. If the need arose again, I would definitely go through DGI again and will be recommending that other research groups do the same. ”

Research Officer, School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, Murdoch University.


“I have been dealing with Andrew Booth from DGI in Perth for the last couple of years and have found him to be extremely helpful. There has never been a time when he could not help even if the call for transport came at 4pm on a Friday. We are a service provider and rely on DGI for the transportation of our Isotopes. They have never let me down.”

Operations Supervisor, Stork Technical Services, Western Australia.



“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help regarding our parcel that was sent to Nijmegen with Shayne's samples for his PhD studies. The material could not be replaced as some of the subjects passed away. Therefore a BIG THANKS for going the extra mile in guiding us through the process and especially for helping us in obtaining the permits required for the samples to be brought into the country. It is not often that we come across such a dedicated, helpful and loyal company such as DGI have been. Thanks again for a first class service.”

ANSIE MIENIE - LABORATORY ADMINISTRATOR. Laboratory for Inherited Metabolic Defects Potchefstroom, School for Biochemistry, Centre for Human Metabonomics, North-West University, Holland.



“The National Serology Reference Laboratory, Australia (NRL) provides quality assurance services for medical testing laboratories in Australia, and internationally. Our quality assurance programmes include External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQAS) and Quality Control (QC) programmes. The NRL must import large volumes of human plasma with blood-borne virus to meet the requirements of our EQAS. The imports that we arrange are typically from remote destinations, and require transportation that is temperate-controlled, precise, efficient, cost effective and compliant with IATA regulations. We also import plasma samples from GMP-accredited facilities on California and The Netherlands. These samples are often CE-marked, and as such, must conform to stringent transportation requirements. The NRL also exports our quality assurance products to participants throughout the world. Again, this shipping must be strictly controlled to satisfy the NRL’s accreditation against ILAC G:13:2000. The NRL has commissioned Dangerous Goods International (DGI) through its Melbourne Office as an import and export courier since 2005. In our experience we have found DGI to be the most effective in addressing the specific requirements to which we must adhere. We will continue to use DGI to transport consignments that contain blood and/ or blood products for the foreseeable future.”

General Manager, National Serology Reference Laboratory, Australia.


“Phosphagenics Ltd is a biotechnology company located at Clayton, Victoria, Australia. We have a staff of 23 and for most of 2000, the company was based at Monash University’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. We are involved in the development of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmaceuticals. We regularly undertake studies with outside collaborators and research organisations, including clinical studies, for which we rely on DGI for Transport of Samples. Phosphagenics has commissioned DGI through its Melbourne Office to transport our ambient and frozen samples throughout Australia, along with importing and exporting globally since 2006. We have found that DGI service has been impeccable and the professional manner in which they conduct themselves with every shipment should be applauded. We have found that DGI go out of their way considerably to ensure that the service levels are kept to a very high standard. We have found DGI to be most effective in addressing the specific requirements to which we must adhere. We are more than happy to recommend DGI, and highly value the services they provide in a very specialised and competitive industry.”

Senior Scientist, Phosphagenics Ltd.



“We work with the DGI Sydney team on a daily basis. Not only do they provide top class customer service over the phone, but their pick-up and delivery service is also very professional. They respond to our queries quickly and the team regularly go above and beyond to meet the needs of our busy clinic.”

Genea (formerly Sydney IVF)


“I’d like to thank you for your assistance and great service in shipping these cultures. This is the first time we have shipped SSBAs under the regulations and I am glad we had DGI to facilitate that without any hiccups. Thanks to everyone in the team that helped make it happen.”

Sandra, Life Sciences Researcher